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New CBD Oil Infused Mascara?
04/19/2018   [source article]  Region affected: - World


Really? A CBD infused mascara?

Yes, really. It was created because the company was looking for a vegan binding agent for their mascara to replace beeswax. What was wrong with beeswax? We don’t know – maybe it isn’t considered vegan.

Don’t expect any eyelash health benefits. The product creators at Milk Makeup say that they chose CBD oil because it gives the mascara a wonderful texture and smooth application.

Mother Reimbursed by the Netherlands for Daughters Medical Cannabis.
04/07/2018   [source article]  Region affected: - World


A mother in the Ireland had requested that the costs for medical cannabis her daughter needed for Dravet’s Syndrome be reimbursed. Her requests were granted by the Health Ministry. The imported CBD and THC products from the Netherlands were allowed and costs reimbursed.

Maricann Expects to Begin Shipping CBD to Germany in February
01/11/2018   [source article]  Region affected: - World


Maricann, a producer and distributor of medical marijuana, is anticipating to receive both a Narcotics Import and Wholesale license by the end of March 2018.

The company is based on Toronto, Canada and is seeking the licenses for export to Germany.

“We expect to receive GMP certification of our Canadian operations, permitting export to Germany of packaged dry cannabis flowers in February 2018. We expect to start distributing 25mg CBD VesiSorb capsules in February 2018.”