FDA Testing of CBD Products

Below is a table of data provided by the FDA on testing they performed of various CBD products, mostly CBD Oil products. The FDA took it upon itself in 2015 ...
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overview of cannabinoids

Cannabinoids – What Are They and What Is CBD?

Much has been written, especially recently, about cannabinoids and the growing popularity of CBD. What are cannabinoids and what do they do? Is CBD a cannabinoid? Where do they come ...
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CBD and cancer studies

CBD and Cancer Studies – Summarized Exhaustive List

There have been many studies of CBD and cancer - this is clear from the long list of summarized  studies on this page - and this is by no means ...
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CBD help against addiction

CBD Support Against Relapse of Alcohol and Cocaine Addiction

Newsdate: 3/26/2018 A new study released results where they examined animal models and how CBD might help sufferers of alcohol and cocaine addiction. In a press release, Friedbert Weiss indicated ...
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CBD and Inflammation Studies – Summarized List

CBD and inflammation are the focus of the following 15 studies examining cannibidiol's effectiveness on inflammation and the conditions that cause it.  We reviewed each study and summarized what each ...
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CBD and anxiety studies

CBD and Anxiety – Multiple Studies Are Summarized

CBD and anxiety have received the attention of researchers for quite some time. Initially this started as a side component stemming from studies done on THC, the psychoactive compound of ...
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CBD Studies on Epliepsy and Seizures

CBD and Epilepsy Seizures Studies – Summarized List

This is a compilation of CBD and Epilepsy studies and well as CBD and seizure studies. CBD and epilepsy as well as cannabidiol and seizure disorders have been a topic ...
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CBD for Pain and Neuropathy Studies – Summarized Extensive List

There has been a long history of cannabis used for pain therapy dating back thousands of years. It only made sense that researchers would look into CBD for pain, neuropathy ...
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CBD Clinical Trials List

This is list of CBD clinical trials - how CBD may affect various conditions. Trial lists are for both both active and pending CBD clinical trials. Active Clinical Trials Pending ...
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CBD for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Studies – Summarized List

As you look through these CBD Alzheimer's studies, it becomes apparent that cannabidiol is very beneficial for protecting our neurons and brain cells, and helping to rebuild them as well.  ...
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The Effects of CBD Oil – Does It Make You High?

Well, that depends on what you mean by "high". If, by "high", you mean the euphoric high that is usually associated with using marijuana or cannabis - then no, CBD ...
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I-Team Tests CBD Products, But Finds Results Alarming

CBD Testing by Investigative Team Finds Results Alarming

The testing indicated this article shows why it is crucial to choose quality CBD products that have been proven. Quality products display testing results with validation from verified testing facilities ...
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Striking scans show how 'lung cancer patient's tumours SHRANK within three months of him taking daily drops of cannabis-derived oil'

CBD Oil Shrinks Tumors

CBD oil shrinks tumors and helps a cancer patient in the UK. This is a personal account from a cancer patient suffering from stage 4 lung cancer. Multiple tumors are ...
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Testing CBD oil for pesticides and THC; Could you fail a drug test?

Testing CBD oil brands for pesticides and THC

Several brands of CBD oil were tested for THC levels, pesticides and potency. See how they held up in this news story. Remember: it is important to check the testing ...
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